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    >> History

    AVACS LLC was established in 2005 as manufacturing company. Name "AVACS" have been formed from first letters of English words Advanced VACuum Systems (AVACS). AVACS-T Ltd was founded in 2009 to advance products of other manufacturers in Russian market.

    AVACS Group team has great experience (more than 20 years) in operation, service and developing of vacuum equipment for wide-range applications, including hitech equipment and technologies. It is a good basis to provide high quality of products, reliable solutions and expert service for customers.

    More then 20 various serial products were developed by AVACS team up to present: setups for thin film deposition by magnetron sputtering, vacuumeters, systems for UHP gas supply, air admittance valves, control units for vacuum systems and others. In addition to own products AVACS team offers now equipment from leading world companies such as Pfeffer Vacuum, SMC Corporation, HighLight Tech Corp (HTC), Edwards, Leybold Vacuum, APTech, Value, Anest Iwata, Woosung and some others. Widest range of tasks in vacuum applications can be solved as a result. In addition AVACS have adjusted logistic to provide short delivery time of goods.

    >> Activity fields

    All range vacuum products from AVACS

    The main goal of AVACS team is to be able solve any possible tasks in vacuum equipment field. Therefore, we aspire to satisfy any customers needs in vacuum equipment and technologies.
    We do followings for this day by day:
    - increase of quantity of items which we supply from others manufacturers;
    - expanding set of products which we manufacture;
    - support and development of our stock facilities
    Please, ask us if you don't find products in our site which you needed - it is possible that we quite able to supply it.

    Own products of AVACS group:
    - setups for thin films deposition;
    - pumping stations (including customized);
    - vacuummeters and gauges;
    - systems for UHP gas supply with control units (including customized systems);
    - magnetron sputtering devices;
    - systems for pressure control in vacuum setups;
    - air admittance valves;
    - customized vacuum parts
    and some others.
    The main principle of development and manufacturing own products is high quality and reliability of products due to optimal constructive and circuit solution provided by qualified staff; using of modern components and accurate choice of OEM components.

    AVACS Group offers also eqiupment from leading world companies:
    - all range of oil-sealed and dry vacuum pumps;
    - Vacuum parts, vacuum valves and gatevalves - i.e. all parts needed for creation of vacuum systems;
    - Fittings, valves, pressure regulators, mass flow controllers - i.e. all parts needed for creation of gas supply systems;
    - Vacuumetters and gauges;
    - Vacuum oils, repair parts and other consuambles for vacuum equipment;
    - Pamping stations

    and many many others.

    >> География поставок

    More than 1000 leading state and commercial enterprises and scientific institutes from cities and towns of all Russia can be found among our permanent customers. AVACS supplied products and service are in demand in all territory of Russia and CIS countries.
    We will be happy to see your company among our customers and we will provide best prices and top level of technical support.

    >> Cooperation

    We are always ready to cooperation with engineering, manufacturing and trading companies.
    The purposes of cooperation could be various: from distribution of products to advancing of joint projects.
    Please, contact us and we will try to find mutual benefits.


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